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Colt Starting is one of the most important events in the life of a young horse....
Don't Screw It Up
Let me guess, you have a youngster and your main priority is to create a happy solid relationship with your horse? 

Now, as he is old enough to get started under the saddle you might ask yourself how you can make this whole experience as nice and stress-free for him as possible. 

Most importantly you want to create a positive association towards being ridden and that your horse enjoys spending time with you?

But there is no trainer you can really trust and you rather would love to do it yourself.

There are so many details to consider.

So many things can go wrong.

Many people know how handle a horse or how to ride a horse but not many people know how to teach a Youngster.

Do you have enough experience to educate your young horse?

Do you have support? Who do you ask for advice when things go sideways?
Is You Horse Ready To Accept...
During the Colt Start we ask the horse to accept three things which are completely against his nature as a prey animal:
1. A predator is sitting on his back with a saddle and a cinch which is compressing his rib cage
2. To give up control over the direction he wants to go 
3. To give up control over the gait or speed he wants to travel with
Potentially Deep Trouble Ahead For The Horse And The Rider
If these things are not well explained to the horse, most probably he will get afraid and start to react defensive.

His flight instincts are triggered. 

The horse will try to get rid of the human by bucking, rearing and bolting. 

This situation means not only deep emotional trouble for the horse, for most of us it wouldn’t be safe at all.
How can we prepare our horse for Colt Starting that he doesn’t get in trouble and we can stay safe?....
There are a lot of things we can prepare already long before on the ground. 

By explaining to the horse what we expect of him, we can effectively prepare him to understand the 5 stages of Colt Starting more easily and with less stress. 

It should be a positive experience for the horse. 

In the end, the colt start is not just something in a horse’s life. It will colour its perception of the rider for the rest of his life.
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How my mess became my message
Hi, I am Gabi Neurohr, and I want to share something very close to my heart with you.
15 years ago, I got my dream horse, the three-year-old Shagya Arabian mare Mazirah. 

She was as hot and green as it can be. 

Soon I was about to start Mazirah under the saddle. 

My priority number one was that she would feel good during the process and that we would become best friends.

I studied many books and gave my very best in being structured, patient and clear. 

But it went all wrong.

She was defensive towards the bit, fearful and nervous, and soon she started a habit of bolting on trail rides. 

We had many dangerous situations. 

But the worst was, that she started to just walk away each time she saw me coming in the field. 

I wanted to be best friend with her and now I got a clear feedback that she didn’t like to spend time with me.

That was very painful for me. This broke my heart. I didn't know what to do!

Obviously I hadn’t managed to explain to Mazirah clear enough in a way she could understand, what that whole riding thing was about.

This experience made me obsessed and passionate about studying how I could prepare a young horse so well on the ground so that the actual start under the saddle would be almost like a non-event. 

Stress-free, a natural progression and a good experience for the horse.

Along the way I realised how many horses and how many horse people need help.

Mazirah wasn't the only horse who didn't understand what I wanted from her, what her new role as a riding horse actually means and who is frustrated about all the misunderstandings and not being successfull.

I was not the only horse owner who felt like a failure 
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Imagine you start your horse under saddle and this would happen…
  • Your horse comes and greets you with pricked ears and a nicker when you come to pick him up and is keen and participating in every single session
  • Your horse comes to pick you up at the mounting block for his first ride
  • Your horse would feel so relaxed and confident for the first ride, the first trot or the first canter that he doesn't even think about bucking 
  •  Your horse would understand in no time about steering and going forward
  •  Your horse stops when you smile and relax – without pulling on the reins
  •  You have such good communication, that a simple halter would be enough to ride your horse?
With the right preparation the Colt Starting of your horse will be so much easier, lighter, happier. Your horse will love you for that!
This Bundle helped already Hundreds of horses and their owners....
The Question Is, Are you and your horse Next???
The "Preparation for Colt Starting" Bundle gives you a strategic plan and the "How To" to prepare your horse for one of the most important events in its life: The Start Under Saddle! The build in support tools are making sure that you and your horse will have a successful learning process!
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What's in the Bundle...
"Preparation for Colt Starting" 
E-Book " 14 Exercises To Prepare Your Horse For A Safe Safe And Respectful Colt Start"
This 56 pages eBook teaches you 14 exercises that will help you to 
  •  Establish first communication
  • Gain your horses willingness to let you control his gaits - Stop and Go
  • Gain your horses willingness to control his direction of travel
  •  Help your horse to accept the rider with confidence
5 Coaching Emails With Problem Solving Advice
In this 5 emails I will give you some problem solving tips because lets face it, not everything will work immediately like described in the eBook.
With these emails you will also get access to the "How To" and "Problem Solving" videos!
A Total Of 14 "How To" Videos And Several Problem Solving Videos"
For each of the 14 exercises I provide you a "How To" video. This footage was filmed while I taught different young horses the 14 exercises. It's real life footage with detailed explanations. This turns your free Ebook into a FREE VIDEO COURSE
Progress Chart
Having measurable goals, knowing where I'm right now, scoring the quality of the exercise - these are all elements of your success. 

The Progress Chart will help you to keep track and will be the basis to plan your next session.
Private Facebook Support Group
Support, support, support! You are not alone!
Here is the place where you can:
  •  Meet with like-minded horse lovers
  •  Share your experience about what works and what not yet
  •  Ask your young horse education questions
  •  Post pictures and videos
  •  Celebrate your success
And, for a limited time only: I add for you this super cool  bonus to support you even more!
1 Free Video Coaching
Post (in the support group or private) a 10 minute video and show your problem or just where you are with your horse education. Gabi Neurohr will give you a detailed feedback and will provide you valuable tips on how to solve the problem or how to improve.

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Now it's time for...
a talk from the heart
Why do you have a horse, or (like me) horses? 
What ever your specific reasons are, I'm sure that you would agree when I answer for you: "Because I want to spend happy and quality time with my horse." 
And here is another question for you: Why do you have a young horse?
I have an idea about this answer too, because you want to have a horse with only good experience, you want to educate and start your horse yourself, you want to be in control what he learns and what he better doesn't learn. 
I totally get it.
For people like you I created the "Preparation for Colt Starting Bundle" because I know how it feels to have not the knowledge and experience yet to pull that off. I know how it feels to be alone, without support when shit goes sideways! Not fun at all!
Be smart and take advantage of this offer now!
See you in my private Facebook Support Group!

-Gabriele Neurohr-
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Accept This AMAZING Offer!
  •  The E-Book "14 Exercises To Prepare Your Horse For A Safe Safe And Respectful Colt Start" (Value 79 Euro)
  •  5 Coaching Emails With Problem Solving Advice (Value 49 Euro)
  •  14 "How To" Videos And Several Problem Solving Videos" (Value 119 Euro)
  •  Progress Chart (Value 19 Euro)
  •  Private Facebook Support Group (Value 97 Euro)
  •  1 Free Video Coaching (Value 49 Euro)
Total Value: 412 Euro
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